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Sports Broadcasts week of March 28th

Tue March 29 The Minnesota Wild host Philadelphia, 6:45 pre-game on KWOA the FAN

Wed March 30 the Toronto Raptors host the Minnesota Timberwolves. Tip-off at 6:30 on KWOA The Fan

Thur March 31Minnesota Wild and Pittsburgh Penguin hockey from The X at 6:45 on KWOA The Fan

March 31 – WHS Trojans baseball at Heron Lake-Okabena, 4:30 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Fri April 1 from the NBA, the Wolves are at the Denver Nuggets for a FAN pre-game at 7:30 on KWOA The Fan

Sat April 2 Twins baseball VS the Tampa Bay Rays at NOON on KWOA The Fan

Sat April 2 The Final Four Show! 2:30 on KWOA the FAN!

Sat April 2 The Final Four! Game one at 3:30 on KWOA The Fan

Sun April 3 The Twins VS Baltimore at NOON on KWOA the FAN!

Sun April 3 Minnesota Wild Hockey at Washington. pre-game at 5:45 on KWOA The Fan

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