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Live Registration Events:

Adrian Family Dental

(Adrian, MN)

10/18/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Glenn Schuck

Papik Motors

(Luverne, MN)

10/19/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Scott Underwood

Heser Auto & Detailing

(Jackson, MN)

10/24/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Kody Kolander

Elite Mechanical & Elite Appliance Plus

(Windom, MN)

11/1/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Burdell Symens

Rune's Furniture

(Worthington, MN)

11/2/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Darci Gonzalez

Cooperative Energy Company - Jackrabbit Junction

(Sibley, IA)

11/3/23 @ 3pm-5pm

QUALIFIER - Leroy Stevenson

Great Life Golf and Fitness

(Worthington, MN)

11/8/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Phillip Benson

D's Liquor/Slayton Liquor

(Adrian, MN)

11/10/23 @ 4-6pm

QUALIFIER - Tim Honermann

State Farm - Jason Vote

(Worthington, MN)

11/14/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Doug Christensen

Worthington Area YMCA

(Worthington, MN)

11/15/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Lori Walker

Classy and Sassy Boutique
(Worthington, MN)

11/16/23 @ 11am to 1pm

QUALIFIER - Wendy Huls


(Worthington, MN)

11/17/23 @ 4pm to 6pm

QUALIFIER - Joyce Bauman

Worthington Tax and Business

(Worthington, MN)

11/20/23 @ 11am to 1pm

QUALIFIER - April Ripka

Herman Motors

(Luverne, MN)

11/21/23 @ 11am to 1pm

QUALIFIER - Loree Ness


(Worthington, MN)

11/29/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Sharon Johansen

Culligan of Worthington

(Worthington, MN)

12/1/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Angela Standafer

Brown Shoe Fit

(Worthington, MN)

12/5/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Yarimar Anariba

Johnson Builders and Realty

(Worthington, MN)

12/6/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Doug Johnson

Wilmont Hardware & Lumber

(Wilmont, MN)

12/7/23 @ 11am-1pm

QUALIFIER - Ryan Kruger

Worthington Liqour Store

(Worthington, MN)

12/8/23 @ 3-5pm

American Bank and Trust

(Worthington, MN)

12/13/23 @ 11am-1pm

Mick's Repair

(Worthington, MN)

12/14/23 @ 11am-1pm



Scholtes Auto World

Pepsi Bottling Co. of Pipestone




  • Saturday, DECEMBER 16th!   


  • Registration begins at 9:30am and must be completed by 10:00am.  Current qualifiers may not transfer their coupon to another person, YOU must be present.  You will need your driver’s license or some form of legal picture ID to confirm your identity.    


  • Anyone who does not have a COUPON will also be able to enter for one of our several last chance final COUPONS to be given away that day; PLEASE NOTE only one COUPON per household & per immediate family will be allowed.  All station rules still apply.  



  • If you are a COUPON winner, but are not registered by 10:00am, we will be forced to give your COUPON to someone else.  


  • At 10am, we will move on with the 100 COUPON winners & start the process of lining up according to the random number at registration.  Then once in order, we will be drawing to reveal the winner/s and will plan to have completed at approximately 11 AM. 


  • 3 grand finalist will be drawn, then those three will pick from 3 final envelopes in the order they drew their finalist coupon to determine their prize of 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. 



  • After the WINNERS have been determined, we will make arrangements for the transfer of the GROCERY PRIZES the following week.  As with winning any of our promotions, the winners are responsible to follow any rules for use of the prize and all taxes that may apply.   If unable to abide, you will forfeit the prize. 



Thanks for your support and participation, and most of all, GOOD LUCK!!! 

First Prize - $4,800
Second Prize - $2,400
Third Prize - $1,200

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