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• You can only win once from Radio Works stations every thirty (30) days (cannot win on multiple stations within the same thirty day period). 

• Winner can only win for himself/herself. 

• Winner has thirty (30) days to pick up prize at Radio Works Headquarters and must show valid ID if claiming tickets. Winner can designate someone to pick up their prize for them unless otherwise specified, but must notify Radio Works prior to pick-up. Failure to do so within 30 days, or within the specified timeframe, results in a forfeited prize.


• You can only win ONE pair of concert tickets per concert

• By winning, all winners automatically grant Radio Works unrestricted permission to use name, picture, and/or voice for website, on-air or otherwise promotions. 

• Station employees or immediate family are not eligible to enter or win contests.

• Promotional items can never be sold after winning in public forum and must be used as a service or be subject to tax. ALL Radio Works prizes are nontransferable and therefore cannot be sold, exchanged, redeemed for cash or other prizes. Any attempt to sell or exchange prizes will result in you being placed on a BANNED winner list and prizes must be returned to Radio Works. No substitute prize will be awarded to a winner who declines an award.

• Winners may be notified of their winning via Facebook messages. Be sure to check Facebook messages (including the "Other" and "Spam" folder within the Facebook Messaging Inbox. Radio Works is not responsible for ensuring winners have checked their Facebook messages.

• Radio Works will not mail prizes. In a rare situations that prizes are mailed out, Radio Works and participating sponsors are not responsible for failure of delivery once the prize has been mailed from Radio Works Headquarters.

• Radio Works reserves the right to determine if a candidate is not eligible to receive a prize, in which case another candidate may be selected.

• All decisions made by Radio Works are final.

• Radio Works reserves the right to change these rules at any time without declaration.

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