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Sports Broadcast Schedule Week of February 7th!

Mon Feb 7th- WHS Boys Basketball Vs. Pipestone Area at 7:15 PM on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Mon Feb 7 – 8-9p Gopher Hockey Weekly with Bob Motzko on KWOA The Fan

Tue Feb. 8 The Minnesota Wild travel to Winnipeg, 6:45 pre-game on KWOA The Fan

Wed Feb. 9 U of M Golden Gopher Men’s basketball AT Nebraska, fan pre-game @ 7:30 on KWOA The Fan

Thur Feb 10 Lady Gopher basketball VS the Iowa Hawkeyes! Pre-game at 6p on KWOA.

Fri Feb. 11 – WHS girls basketball vs. Redwood Valley, 7:30 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Fri Feb 11 University of Minnesota Men’s hockey AT Ohio State, pre-game at 5 on KWOA The Fan

Fri Feb 11 After gopher hockey, it’s the NBA, T-Wolves at Chicago, tip-off at 7p on KWOA The Fan

Sat Feb 12 NCAA men’s basketball. 12:45 Florida State @ North Carolina on KWOA The Fan

Sat Feb 12 4:30 pre-game for gopher hockey at Ohio State on KWOA The Fan

Sat Feb 12 U of M gopher men’s basketball hosting Penn State at 7p on KWOA The Fan

Sun Feb 13, Super Bowl LVI (@ Los Angeles) 1:00 PM pre-game on KWOA The Fan!

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