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Racing season now underway at Worthington Speedway

The Worthington Speedway hosted its first action of the season Saturday night. Racing was sponsored by Hodgman Drainage.

The following are results:

After Hours Graphics Bombers Feature: 1. 3-Brian Campbell, Sioux Falls; 2. 66- Todd Koppen, Rushmore; 3. 12D-Brice Berglund, Slayton; 4. 21X-Austin Hietbrink, Brewster; 5. 5- Silas Top, Hardwick.

Wyffels Hybrids IMCA Mini Mods Feature: 1. 9-Ben Kraus, Kanawha, Iowa; 2. 29-Brandon VanKlompenburg, Orange City, Iowa; 3. 57X-Devon McMartin, Canton, S.D.; 4. 11-Karter Heiskell, Canton, S.D.; 5. 17-Dalton Faber, Burt, Iowa.

DC Old Tyme Trucking IMCA Modifieds Feature: 1. XXX-Jesse Rogotzke, Sanborn; 2. 77M-Ron Merchant, S. Sioux City, Neb.; 3. 7C-Benjamin Chukuske, Welcome; 4. 15JR-Cole Bents, Rushmore; 5. XX-Jordan Rogotzke, Sanborn. 

Schuett Auto Body IMCA SportMod Feature: 1. 08-Alec Fett, Burt, Iowa; 2. 21-Connor Vander Weerd, Alton, Iowa;

3. 00-Colby Fett, Algona, Iowa; 4. 1S-Shelby Alves, Sioux Falls; 5. 20-Brayden Ahlers, Slayton.

Sybesma Graphics Sport Compacts Feature: 1. 98-Skyler Savage, Sioux City, Iowa; 2. 29X-Jason Bolte, Odin; 3. 74-Brenden Mofle, Brandon, S.D.; 4. 24R-Nathan Rucker, Granville, Iowa; 5. 1-Chase Felix, Sioux City, Iowa.

Worthington Glass IMCA Stock Cars Feature: 1. 00-Colby Fett, Algona, Iowa; 2. 7L-Jeffrey Larson, Reading; 3. C5-Chris Palsrock, Estherville, Iowa; 4. 14-Jason Fisher, Lakefield; 5. 82-Dylan Fitzpatrick, Estherville, Iowa.


Ahlers Welding and Fabrication IMCA Hobby Stocks Feature: 1. T8-Brandon Nielsen, Spencer, Iowa; 2. 16B-Zachary Bierman, Adrian; 3. 16X-Blake Luinenburg, Reading; 4. 18-Zach Frye, Sioux City, Iowa; 5. 14-Ernie Dailey, Worthington.


The second weekend of Worthington Speedway competition will be Saturday with hot laps starting at 6:30 p.m. and racing to follow. The week's action will be sponsored by American Bank and Trust and include the Outlaw Mini Mod Touring Series.

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