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Federated annual meeting to take place Aug. 3

Federated Rural Electric will host its 87th annual meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 3 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

This the second year that ballots were mailed to all Federated members around July 1. Members who return their signed, barcoded envelope in the blank inner envelope with ballots will be entered for $1,000 worth of electric bill credits. Returned ballots must be received in Federated’s office by 4:30 p.m. Aug. 2.

Co-op members who misplaced their mailed ballots or prefer to vote in person can at the Aug. 3 drive-in annual meeting from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Members should bring their barcoded annual meeting registration card or barcoded ballot envelope for fast registration; onsite manual registration is also available. Members can only vote once.

Members will elect two members for the Board of Directors in Districts One and Two. District One director candidate is Glenn Dicks, Lakefield, who is running unopposed. The Disrict Two candidate is Darvin Voss, Lakefield, who is also running unopposed.

The Nominating Committee candidates involve Districts Three and Four. The District Three candidates are Tyler Ayers, Alpha; and Kilen Warmka, Alpha. District Four candidates are Paul Nelson, Jackson; and Curt Ringgenberg, Jackson.

A brief meeting will occur at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, south of the grandstand at 6 p.m. Members may vote and either drive away or stick around for the 6 p.m. meeting. Members can listen on their car radios to the brief meeting on 105.7 FM. The meeting agenda involves approving last year’s annual meeting minutes and the nominating committee’s minutes. Members will honk their vehicles’ horns to vote on the minutes. No other speeches will be done due to the drive-in format.

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