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Nobles County well represented at Minnesota State Fair

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Nobles County youth represented the county well at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair. The following are results from the state showcase.

Breeding Heifer: Anna Gordon, Charolais- registered summer yearling, second in class; Abigail Reetz, composite all other breeds, registered spring calf, first in class, reserve champion composite all other reeds heifer, interview finalist; Charlie Hieronimus, commercial spring calf, sixth in class, interview finalist; Bree Luinenburg, commercial spring calf, fourth in class; Spenser Nickel, commercial spring calf, eighth in class; Alexa Kilker, commercial junior yearling, purple second in class, interview finalist, reserve champion commercial heifer.

Cow/Calf: Montana Wilson, cow and calf, all other breeds registered, purple first in class, Champion Other Breeds Cow/Calf Pair.

Market Beef: Wesley Widboom, market heifer, fourth in class; Bailey Ponto, registered Shorthorn steer, third in class; Dylan Schuett, registered Maine Anjou steer, second in class, interview finalist; Mackenzie DeGroot, crossbreds and other breeds steer, third in class; Alea Ross, crossbreds and other breeds steer, first in class; Leah Schuett, crossbreds and other breeds steer, third in class.

Prospect Calf: Izaiah Groenewold, prospect heifer calf, fifth in class; Autumn Luinenburg, prospect heifer calf, fourth in class, Kierra Reetz, prospect steer calf, purple first in class, interview finalist, reserve champion prospect steer calf; Morgan Reetz, prospect steer calf, second in class.

Beef Showmanship Participants: Charlie Hieronimus, Bree Luinenburg, Anna Gordon, Alexa Kilker, Abigail Reetz, Kierra Reetz, Izaiah Groenewold, Autumn Luinenburg, Morgan Reetz, Montana Wilson (third in class), Alea Ross, Leah Schuett, Mackenzie DeGroot and Bailey Ponto.

Dairy: Paula Dykstra, crossbred and other breeds calf, red 10th in class; Liv Vander Kooi, registered Holstein summer yearling, blue; Vince Vander Kooi, registered Holstein summer yearling, red; Alex Zylstra, registered Holstein spring yearling, purple sixth in class; Trent Dykstra, grade Holstein fall calf, blue; Coyer Robinson, Jersey milking yearling, purple first in class; Cody Weidert, red & white calf, red; Jacob Timmer, red & white junior yearling, purple first in class; Whitney Henning, milking Shorthorn winter or fall calf, red.

Dairy Judging Team Participants: Liv Vander Kooi and Vince Vander Kooi.

Goat: Grace Barber, dairy goat Nigerian Dwarf senior doe kid, second in class, blue in dairy goat showmanship.

Rabbit: Macy VanDerlinden, Holland Lop senior buck, blue; Presley Junker, Holland Lop senior doe, red; Bethany Dykstra, Satin senior buck, blue.

Sheep: Karissa Bickett, black face market lamb, blue; Emma Hill, black face market lamb, blue, Hannah Hill, black face market lamb, blue; Emma Hietbrink, wether dam black face ewe lamb, purple.

Sheep Showmanship Participants: Emma Hietbrink, Emma Hill, Hannah Hill and Karissa Bickett.

Swine: Brodik Clarke, registered Duroc February Gilt, blue sixth in class, interview finalist; Kaston Clarke, crossbred breeding girl, purple second in class, breeding gilt showperson intermediate division fourth place, breeding gilt showperson senior division fourth place; Damon John, crossbred breeding gilt, blue seventh in class; Mara Clarke, registered Duroc market barrow, purple fourth in class; Colby Darling, crossbred market barrow, blue ninth in class; Cooper McCoy, crossbred market barrow, purple fourth in class; Jack Rahe, crossbred market barrow, red; Myranda Widboom, crossbred market barrow, red; Torrin Clarke; market gilt, blue sixth in class; Lance Gordon, market gilt, red ninth in class; Ava McCoy, market gilt, purple fourth in class; Riley Widboom, market gilt, purple second in class.

General Livestock Judging Team: Noah Gravenhof, intermediate team participant, team second place in beef and reasons, second individually; Hannah Hill, senior team participant.

General Projects: Okabena Bees, club banner, blue; Aeryal McInnis, crafts & fine arts, blue; Bryly McCuen, crafts & fine arts, blue; Dayna McCuen, crafts & fine arts; Jasmine Noerenberg, crafts & fine arts, blue; Lucas Flynn, creative writing, blue; Kaitlyn Taylor, food & nutrition, blue; Jocelyn Horn, health & wellness, purple, presentation/speech; Emma Hietbrink, industrial technology, blue; Quinn Steve, needle arts, blue; presentation/speech; Kaylee Taylor, needle arts, blue; Liv Vander Kooi, quilting, blue; Josh Horn, technology, purple; Brooke Erwin, wildlife biology & management, red; Grant Wieneke, industrial technology, purple.

State Arts-In Participant: Jocelyn Horn, performance.

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