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Fogelman blames Dems' heavy spending for forecast

The era of double-digit billion-dollar budget surpluses has ended due to the irresponsible governing of Minnesota’s Democrats, District 21B Rep. Marj Fogelman of Fulda said in a press release issued Friday.


Minnesota’s economic experts unveiled their latest state revenue and spending projections last Wedneasday. According to their data, Minnesota will see a $2.3 billion budget deficit in the next budget cycle. Fogelman said Democrats’ decision to waste money on new state government programs is the reason for the projected future economic downturn.

“Democrats have complete control of the government’s pocketbook, and they went on an irresponsible and unnecessary spending spree,” Fogelman said. “They blew through a $20 billion budget surplus and then raised taxes by another $10 billion. No one should be surprised that our incoming tax collections won’t be able to keep pace with the Democrats’ out-of-control spending."

According to documents released by MMB, Minnesota is now projected to see a $2.3 billion budget deficit in Fiscal Year 2026-27. Higher estimates in health and human services and education raise the total state spending, resulting in the projected future deficit.

Fogelman said too many headlines are focused on the projected $2.4 billion budget surplus for the current biennium. She said if you take into account the $2.3 billion deficit projected for the next budget cycle, there’s really no current surplus at all.


“Thanks to the work of a Democrat-controlled government, state spending in Minnesota increased by 40 percent from the last budget cycle to the current one,” Fogelman said. “This spending is reckless and unsustainable, and our latest budget update made that fact very clear. Next session, Republicans will be looking at ways to reduce the stress on taxpayers, and will be opposing any additional Democrat spending measures that will grow the size of government.”

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