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Council has light agenda on docket for Monday meeting

The Worthington City Council on Monday is scheduled to consider the acquisition of real property for the city’s planned Cherry Point Storm Outfall Improvements project.

The quote for the Cherry Point project was awarded to Henning Construction in July 2022. However, the work has been delayed pending acquisition of easements for work on private property.

The drainage system consists of an open ditch and stormwater pipe crossing over private property. No recorded easements exist for this stormwater utility. A realignment is being done to the system by moving the stormwater pipe further from a home to provide room for construction activities.

The width needed for construction, along with the new location, puts the needed easement onto the neighboring property. As this property owner is not interested in having a utility easement on their property -- since the lot is narrow and the easement will make the land unusable – an offer has been made to sell the lot to the city for $6,400.

The agenda for Monday’s city council meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m., is quite light. In the only other non-consent agenda item scheduled, the council is expected to award a contract for the reconstruction of Shell Street from Lake Avenue to Ninth Avenue. Bids for the work were to be opened on Friday afternoon.

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