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Worthington's August warmer, slightly drier than normal

High temperatures in Worthington were a little bit warmer than normal during August and weather conditions were slightly drier than average as well, according to data compiled at the Worthington Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The average high temperature in Worthington this past month was 80.9 degrees, or 1.5 degrees warmer than the average August high of 79.4. The warmest highs of the month were recorded on consecutive days, as a high of 97 was recorded on Aug. 23 and a high of 95 on Aug. 24. Comparatively, the Aug. 7 high topped out at a cool 65 degrees.

The average low in Worthington in August was 58.8 degrees, or one degree warmer than normal. The lowest temperature reading came on both Aug. 27 and 28 at 48 degrees.

Worthington received a total of 3.54 inches of precipitation during the month of August, which is .31 inches less than the 3.85 inches that's typical. A majority of that rain was measured on Nobles County Fair weekend, with 1.44 inches recorded on Aug. 6 and .51 inches on Aug. 7. Eight months into 2023, there has been 17.04 inches of precipitation; the normal total at this juncture of the year is 22.69 inches.

As for temperatures, the average high so far this year has been 56.5; the average low 36.1. By comparison, the average high for a typical first seven months of the year is also 56.5 and the typical low is 36.3.

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