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Wednesday's severe weather brings damage to Cottonwood, Jackson counties

In the aftermath of Wednesday evening's severe weather in Cottonwood County, survey crews from the National Weather Service were examining sites in the county for possible tornado damage from those storms.

Cottonwood County was placed into tornado warnings multiple times Wednesday evening, and there were reports of at least three confirmed tornado touchdowns in the county. Emergency Manager Paul Johnson said the worst of the damage from Wednesday’s weather began at the Cottonwood/Murray county line about a mile south of Cottonwood County 13 and continued to the northeast, through Storden and roughly three miles north of Storden. Video posted to Facebook also showed a possible tornado near the Jeffers corner. Meanwhile, in Jackson County, there were separate reports of trees down on U.S. 71 four miles south of Jackson, as well as in the Petersburg area. Trees were down in at least two different locations in the city of Jackson. A wall cloud was observed by an off-duty deputy west of Jackson, and another citizen reported of a funnel outside of Lakefield.

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