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Thier, Barber are Worthington 'Triple A' honorees

Worthington District 518 Schools announces that their 2023-24 Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award winners are Marisa Thier and Ian Barber. 


Marisa is the daughter of Mark and Maria Thier and has participated in WHS choirs, orchestra and the theater arts. She has participated in WHS cross country (serving as a captain her senior year) and track, along with maintaining her grades in school. She has completed PSEO classes and was named to the WHS National Honor Society, with which she is treasurer. 


Ian is the son of Scott and Jane Barber and has participated in the various groups of the WHS band. He has participated in WHS cross country, boys’ soccer (with which he has been a captain) and boys’ tennis (with which he has served as captain and was named All-Conference). Along with maintaining his grades in school, Ian has taken PSEO and AP classes as well as college concurrent enrollment courses, and he was also named to the WHS National Honor Society. 


The Academics, Arts and Athletics Award is commonly known as the Triple ‘A’ Award, which honors high school seniors throughout Minnesota who have a 3.0 or higher GPA and who participate in MSHSL athletic and fine arts activities. Each school district as a member of MSHSL can submit two finalists to their region committee for further regional consideration. 


The nomination criteria include the GPA, participation in at least one MSHSL sponsored athletic program and one arts/activity program, comply with MSHSL’s Student Code of Conduct, completion of an application, and then selected by a small committee as Worthington’s selection for the Triple ‘A’ Award. 

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