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Sports Broadcasts week of December 19th

Mon Dec 19 Monday night football! Rams AT Packers 6:30 on KWOA

Wed Dec 21 The Minnesota Wild are at Anaheim, 845 pre-game on KWOA

Thur Dec. 22 Trojans boy’s & Girls double header basketball vs. Jordan at 6pm on FM 104.3 The Bridge

Thur Dec 22 Gopher Men’s Basketball VS Chicago State at 6pm on KWOA.

Thur Dec 22 The Minnesota Wild AT San Jose at 9:15 on KWOA The FAN!

Fri Dec 23 At 6pm, Timberwolves AT Boston on KWOA the FAN pre-game!

Sat Dec 24 Vikings Football Sunday at 10AM, Giants and Vikings kick at NOON on KWOA

Sat Dec 24 on KWOA Raiders AT Steelers on KWOA at 6:30

Sun Dec 25 Fantasy Football forecast 6a-630 on KWOA

Sun Dec 25 NFL Preview 6:30-7am on KWOA

Sun Dec 25 NFL Insider 7am-8am on KWOA

Sun Dec 25 NFL Triple Header! Game #1: Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins - 11:30pm . Game #2: Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Rams - 3:15. Game #3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals - 7:00pm on KWOA The Fan

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