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SMSU to be home to North Star Mutual School of Business

Southwest Minnesota State University has announced a partnership with North Star Mutual Insurance Company of Cottonwood that will lead to an investment of $3 million in the SMSU School of Business. The investment will establish the North Star Mutual School of Business and provide funding for academic programming, facilities, and scholarships that will create new opportunities for students.

The $3 million investment will provide funds that will make both an immediate impact for students and establish an endowment to provide ongoing support. The partnership will strengthen the current school of business by enhancing facilities and increasing funding for programs at SMSU. In addition, new scholarship and internship opportunities will be established as part of the North Star Mutual partnership to help support students in their academic endeavors and career development.

North Star Mutual will receive naming rights to the business school and maintain a role on a special advisory committee made up of both school faculty and local business representatives.

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