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Slayton man facing 13 felony charges

A Slayton man is facing 13 felony charges following a series of incidents earlier this month in that community.

The incidents began with a report of harassment early July 8. Law enforcement responded and spoke with the individual who made the report and a friend, who both indicated that Daniel Woitaszewski, 34, was stalking the house. While officers were at the scene, Woitaszewski reportedly called the victim and told the victim’s friend that he five minutes to leave or there would be problems.

A call from the same address followed later the same day stating that Woitaszewski had broken into the home. Law enforcement later went to Woitaszewski’s residence and was eventually restrained by officers. He later reportedly made multiple statements while being transported to Lyon County Jail about mass shooting and children being shot.

Woitaszewski faces two felony charges of first-degree property damage, one charge of felony threats and one charge of felony domestic assault, as well as three counts of felony harassment, two felony counts of first-degree burglary, two felony counts of attempted first-degree burglary and two felony counts of stalking. His bail was set at $75,000.

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