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Nobles County urges submission of flooding information

Nobles County is looking to get information on homes affected by flooding as quickly as possible.


Nobles County Emergency Management Director Tawn Hall said Friday morning that the state and FEMA are moving very quickly after this historic flooding year and want to get assistance into the hands of those who need it as quickly as possible.  They are looking to start doing assessments for Individual assistance in Nobles County as early as next week, which is about three weeks faster than what has been seen in previous disasters, she said.


People have sustained damage to water heaters, furnaces, freezers, washers and dryers, carpet and sheetrock, and Hall asks that those damages be reported right away if they haven’t been yet. While Nobles County cannot guarantee damages will qualify for Individual Assistance, it can guarantee they will not qualify if not reported.  information will be shared with Minnesota Homeland Security as well as the Nobles County Assessor office for review.


Damages can be reported at

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