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Nobles Cooperative Electric Board of Directors approves new office facility in Slayton

Nobles Cooperative Electric has decided to construct a new office facility in Slayton. Lineworkers will continue to operate from the existing warehouse sites in Worthington and Slayton.

For several years, the board has been planning for an updated building as part of their growth and planning strategy. In the fall of 2023, a prospective business interested in benefiting the residents of Nobles County proposed repurposing the current cooperative office building for a new use. This discussion has accelerated the project timeline for an updated facility for Nobles Cooperative Electric’s office personnel.

The cooperative has decided to update the office facility in Slayton, aiming to upgrade the existing warehouse by extending the office area on-site. The project will be funded through the allocated cash on hand from the board's long-term planning budget.

Construction is set to commence on June 3, with an estimated completion by the year's end.

The new facility will enhance interactions with the public and staff while ensuring the security of data, employees and members. It will focus on energy efficiency and offer expanded space for member and employee gatherings and meetings. The goal of the new facility is to improve coordination, communication and member privacy, while adhering to state and federal regulations and complying with ADA requirements.

The office structure located outside of Worthington is over 50 years old and does not have the space for future growth or technological upgrades needed by the cooperative. Discussions regarding the future of the current office building, to be repurposed for another business in Worthington, are still ongoing.

In the upcoming months, members can find more information in Nobles Cooperative Electric’s Current Matters newsletter and on the cooperative’s website.

The cooperative will continue to operate warehouse facilities for their lineworkers in Slayton and Worthington, which are strategically positioned to serve members promptly and effectively.

The design concept and architectural blueprints for the office expansion are in progress and are being compiled by engineers at WiDSETH based out of Mankato, Minnesota.

Nobles Cooperative Electric serves more than 6,900 services in Murray and Nobles counties,

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