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Man facing multiple charges after incident in Windom

A Princeton man faces multiple charges following a Wednesday incident in Windom.

According to a Windom Police Department press release, the Windom PD was dispatched at 8:13 a.m. Wednesday to the 100 Block of Sixth Avenue for a report of a female being threatened with a knife by a male. He was also reportedly damaging her property.

Officers responded and a male attempted to escape the area in a pickup truck. The truck lost control and became stuck in a snowbank. The driver attempted to free himself from the snow and struck a Windom Police Department emergency unit in the process, causing damage to the police vehicle. Responding units blocked the driver’s access for escape, which resulted in the arrest of Justin Charles Olson, 29, of Princeton. Olson was transported to the Cottonwood County Jail. Olson has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault, felony domestic assault, fleeing a peace officer in a vehicle, first-degree damage to property, third-degree damage to property and interruption or Interference with an emergency phone call.

The Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota State Patrol and Minnesota DNR assisted.

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