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Luverne's Andew Prekker has design for new Minnesota state flag selected

Minnesota has chosen a new state flag based upon a design by artist Andrew Prekker of Luverne. 

The new state flag features a dark blue shape similar to the state's borders to the east, with an eight-point North Star and a single, light blue color on one side. The colors represent the state's bodies of waters.


The commission finalized the design after more than 2,000 were submitted and reviewed for consideration. Allison Ortiz of the Minnesota Historical Society released a statement from Prekker, adding that he was dealing with vocal cord issues and not available for interviews.


Said Prekker in his statement: "The last few days have been surreal for me. Very few things make me speechless in life, but this is one of those moments where it’s hard to express the sheer gratitude and amazement I’ve felt at this whole opportunity.

"Among the many emotions I’m feeling, the strongest are a sense of honor, privilege, excitement and gratitude. It's such a rare privilege to be able to contribute to our state’s history in such a special way like this. And I’m so proud to be able to say I helped design the new Minnesotan state flag! It’s an achievement that I hope brings a lot of unity and pride to our land, and I will hold that fact with great honor for the rest of my life.

"It is my greatest hope that this new flag can finally represent our state and all its people properly. That every Minnesotan of every background — including the Indigenous communities and tribal nations who’ve been historically excluded — can look up at our flag with pride and honor and see themselves within it.

"I’m so grateful to the committee who chose my design. I put in many hours of hard work, research, passion, revisions and asking advice, all to try and create the best possible flag I could. And knowing that the committee (and Minnesotans in general) recognize my flag as something special, means the world to me.

"Thanks to every single person who has shown me support. Your enthusiasm, passion and kindness has made this whole experience all the more special."


The commission must submit the flag's design to the Legislature and governor by Jan. 1 for final approval. A new flag is expected to make its debut on May 11, Minnesota’s 166th birthday.

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