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January highs slightly colder than normal; moisture right around average

High temperatures in Worthington during the month of January were slightly colder than normal and low temperatures a little warmer than the average. Total precipitation, meanwhile, was just about the same as usual, according to data compiled at the Worthington Wastewater Treatment Plant.


The average high temperature in Worthington in January was 20.2 degrees, or 2.4 degrees cooler than the average January high of 22.6. The warmest high of the month, 44 degrees, was recorded on Jan. 30, and there was also a high of 43 on Jan. 29. At the opposite extreme, there was a high of minus-11 recorded for Jan. 15.


The average low in Worthington in January was 8.2 degrees, or 2.9 degrees warmer than the average of 5.3. The lowest temperature reading came on Jan. 14 at minus-21 degrees. There were lows of minus-19 on the 15th, minus-16 on the 16th and minus-14 on the 20th, 21st and 22nd.


Worthington received a total of .67 inches of precipitation during the month of January, with the precip total being .04 inches less than typical. There were 15.5 inches of snowfall measured, including four inches on the 8th and five inches on the 9th.


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