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Jackson I-90 restrooms are finalists in national contest

Cleaning and restroom supply company Cintas has recognized the Clear Lake and Des Moines River Safety Rest Areas near Jackson as finalists for its America’s Best Restroom Award.

The two rest areas, which sit on either side of Interstate 90, are up against nine other finalists for the title. Voting is open to the public until Aug. 11.

Described Cintas of the rest areas: "The multi-user restrooms are designed without doors at their entries to allow for an increased sense of safety for users and to eliminate pathogen transfer. Dual restrooms for each gender enable access to one pair during cleaning. Family restrooms are designed to meet the needs of families, adults with special needs and users desiring gender-neutral facilities. Entrances to the multi-user restrooms are enhanced by large photographic murals illustrating detailed views of the prairie landscape by a well-known local photographer."

The competition isn’t limited to roadside rest areas, and other finalists include restrooms at an airport, brewery, hotel and multiple restaurants.

The winner of the contest will receive $2,500 worth of Cintas products.

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