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Ideas sought for this year's King Turkey Day celebration

The King Turkey Day Board of Directors is in search of ideas for a theme for this year’s Worthington celebration.

It will be 85 years of celebrating King Turkey Day this year, and the board has begun the planning. Ideas can be submitted by contacting FORWARD Worthington at (507) 372-2919, emailing or commenting on the King Turkey Day Facebook page.


The board has noted that “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone with the Wind” both came out in 1939, 85 years ago. Frank Sinatra made his recording debut that same year, and an 85th anniversary is the Moonstone anniversary. Girl Scouts’ Thin Mints were introduced in 1939 as "Cooky-Mints."


The board will discuss ideas at its Feb. 21 and March 20 meetings.


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