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District 518 asks for help with harassing Instagram accounts

Worthington Independent School District 518 is calling for parents’ help regarding Instagram accounts set up by some of the district’s students.

The Worthington Public Schools Facebook page, in a post earlier this week, indicated that district staff have seen a greater number of reports from students regarding inappropriate/harmful/hurtful Instagram accounts.

“It appears that multiple Instagram accounts have been created by our students to publicly shame others, disclose embarrassing information and spread rumors,” the post states. “In some instances, pictures have been taken of students without their permission and posted on these accounts.

District staff members have reported multiple sites to Instagram and asked for them to be taken down, the post adds.

“Some of the sites only have a few followers, but some have many students viewing and posting content," the Worthington Public Schools Facebook post adds. “As we get one site taken down, others appear. So, here is where we need parents help to bring this to an end. “

In addition to asking parents to talk with their children about social media use, students are also asked to play their own role in solving the program.

“Stand up for those that are being bullied. Report these accounts yourself to Instagram, or even better yet don’t be a follower of these accounts,” the Facebook post states.

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