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Council OKs first reading of storm water rate ordinance

The first reading of an ordinance that increases the city of Worthington’s storm water utility rate by 10% was approved Monday night by the Worthington City Council.

Costs for the city’s stormwater management requirements are continuing to increase, council members were told Monday. It has been recommended that the storm water utility rate be increased by $76,200 to cover inflationary costs of construction materials.

Should the required three readings of the ordinance ultimately be approved, the rate change will translate to annual increases of: $7.56 per residential lot; $37.22 per acre for commercial property; $30.89 per acre for industrial property; $27.32 per acre for multi-family property; and $37.22 per acre for institutional property.

In additional business Monday, the council took steps toward advancing a new market rental housing project. The Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership is exploring the development of a such a project at its Grand Avenue site and requested partnership with the city in applying for a Workforce Housing Grant from Minnesota Housing. The Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership has offered its services in the preparation of the grant application. Council members approved contracting with the Partnership in preparing and applying for the grant on the city’s behalf for a sum of $5,000.

In a related measure, council members next gave authorization to city staff to submit an application to the League of Minnesota Cities to receive funding assistance with the cost affiliated with applying for the Workforce Housing Grant. Funding in this LMC program is capped at $5,000 per city.

Also Monday, the council scheduled a public hearing on the proposed Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue Reconstruction from Ninth Street to 11th Street for its Dec. 11 meeting.

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