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City council to consider hiring help for new rental housing ordinance

The Worthington City Council will consider during their Monday meeting the hiring of a local firm to assist the city’s Department of Community Development in initiating its new rental housing maintenance and occupancy ordinance.

City staff has recommended the city engage the services of JJ Lopez Enterprises LLC. The term of this agreement shall begin on or about Sept. 6 and terminate on or about Jan. 20, 2023. The work shall include incorporating new and existing rental housing data into the city’s data base.

The scope of work would include, but not be limited to: updating the rental housing data base of rental properties, rental property owners, and previous inspections; identifying the status of previously identified rental housing code violations and determine if corrections have been performed; assisting the Director of Community Development in preparing a proposed schedule of fees; assisting the Director of Community Development in preparing a proposed schedule of administrative penalties; performing scheduled inspections of rental properties after the program has been implemented; and performing inspections of rental properties arising from complaints forwarded by tenants, civil authorities or other sources. The work shall be performed on an hourly basis at a rate of $60 hour for a total fee not to exceed $24,000.

In another matter Monday, the council will consider approval of the firm Short Elliott Hendrickson to complete design work for roof replacement for the maintenance hangar at Worthington Municipal Airport. The proposal for these design and construction services calls for a lump sum fee of $13,300. The proposal has been submitted to the state for review and would be eligible for a reimbursement amount of $9,310. The city’s airport has received notice that they would be a recipient of a Minnesota Department of Transportation Aeronautics grant for fiscal year 2023 that is to be used for replacing the maintenance hangar’s roofing; the grant is not to exceed $250,000.

Also scheduled Monday is a council discussion regarding options for annexation of the Blue Line Junction and surrounding property owned by Larry Potter.

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