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Business Challenge applications accepted in Jackson

Applications are continuing to be accepted for the Jackson Business Challenge program. The deadline to apply is Jan. 31.


The program has running for six years and aims to stimulate new business ideas with a prize package valued at $20,000. Multiple businesses started by the challenge remain in and around Jackson, and a number of applicants try each year to get their dream business started. 


The challenge's phase one includes the applicant's business concept, an idea that can be transformed into a fully functioning business, that is due on Jan. 31. Phase two will be announced Feb. 5, with a more in-depth business plan due on Feb. 23, and final presentations by the successful applicants will be in the weeks of March 11-29. 


The Jackson Business Development Committee is available to help potential applicants work on the viability of their business ideas. Call (507) 847-4410 for more information.

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