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WPD releases incident report statistics for 2022

The Worthington Police Department has released crime statistics for the 2002 year.

The 2022 Year in Review report breaks down incidents into categories that include crimes against persons, property crimes, animal complaints, fire/EMS calls, alarm calls, traffic enforcement, community service calls, quality of life calls and miscellaneous. The report notes the numbers of incidents for several types of calls and also notes the number for each during the previous year.

Among crimes against persons, the number of domestic assaults reported in 2022 rose from 54 the previous year to 76. Harassing communication, meanwhile, dropped from 123 to 109 and disorderly conduct calls went from 148 to 130.

Among property crimes, theft calls decreased from 142 in 2021 to 102 last year. Property damage calls reported went down from 139 to 98, while trespassing reports decreased from 125 to 90. Shoplifting calls increased to 47 from 15 the previous year.

In the category of traffic enforcement, traffic stops in 2022 rose to 4,413, up from 3,816 in 2021. While traffic accidents numbers remained mostly the same -- 311 in 2022 vs. 309 in 2021 -- hit-and-run accidents decreased to 99 this past year compared to 126 the year before.

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