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Worthington trees, Pioneer Village hit by vandalism

The Worthington Police Department is looking for any information regarding new vandalism in the community.

Among new acts of vandalism are the sawing and pushing over of at least 10 trees in the community, many near the old outdoor pool site near Elmwood Avenue and Liberty Drive. The trees cannot just easily be replaced, as they take time to grow –- years in some cases.

Vandals also destroyed multiple windows and doors at Nobles County Pioneer Village on Saturday night. While a Facebook post notes that “a couple of the young perpetrators were caught in the act,” others got away.

As a result, Pioneer Village will be closed to visitors for the remainder of the season, although rental events will continue as scheduled for the barn.

Anyone with any information about these vandalism incidents is urged to contact the Worthington Police Department at (507) 295-5400. People are also urged to keep an eye for suspicious and/or questionable behavior.

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