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Worthington records 1.79 inches of rain Saturday

Precipitation totals are in from the power storm system that brought severe thunderstorms and heavy rains along with some tornadic activity to the region Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.

Worthington had a total of 1.79 inches of rain, National Weather Service data indicated. The rain gauge at Radio Works Headquarters registered just shy of two inches.

Some area communities had significantly more rain. Pipestone had recorded 3.52 inches of rain as of 7 a.m. Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Sibley, Iowa, meanwhile, had a total of 2.76 inches of rain.

Other locales had less. Lakefield, for example, recorded 1.44 inches, and Windom measured 1.04 inches.

Saturday’s severe weather caused havoc across southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa. Among the notable events were the measurement of a 93-mph wind gust near Fulda and the spotting of a funnel cloud near Reading. Trees were reported down throughout the multi-county area.

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