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Weber hopes for solution on school resource officers

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Due to uncertainty surrounding a change to a statewide school discipline law, Minnesota has recently seen more than a dozen police departments announce the removal of their school resource officer. In response, Republicans proposed a bipartsan bill to fix the change in law.

Said District 21 Sen. Bill Weber, a Luverne Republican: “School resource officers play a valuable role in the efforts to keep teachers, students and staff safe. The removal of SROs from our schools is the latest consequence of hasty decisions made by Democrats this session. Before the new school year starts, we need to take immediate action to provide our officers with clarity. I know that this is an issue that we can find a bipartisan solution to.”

The bill as proposed repeals the recent law change eliminating prone restraints or physical holds and repeals the change to use of force standards to revert back to the original language that was in statute. The change does not impact the 2021 bill that banned all neck and chokehold restraints and remains in place for students and all Minnesotans.

During the press conference, Republicans also presented a letter from House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth (R-Cold Spring) and Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson (R- East Grand Forks) asking Gov. Tim Walz to meet to discuss a special session.

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