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Weber gives Senate's tax legislation poor marks

District 21 Sen. Bill Weber is speaking out against the tax agreement passed this past weekend by Senate Democrats.

Weber, a Luverne Republican, said in a press release that Democrats are shortchanging Minnesota taxpayers out of a $19 billion surplus by failing to pass meaningful tax relief. He said the tax bill "raises taxes by more than $2.2 billion dollars over four years, harming our economic competitiveness and growing government at the expense of Minnesotans." He added that while Democrats will be talking about historic tax cuts this year, the reality is that the majority of Minnesotans who helped create our state's historic surplus will not receive any financial relief.

Weber also made the case that, with the passage of the legislation, significant modifications to Minnesota's e-pull tab program will eliminate more than half of the revenue of charities across Minnesota. He added that the tax bill only partially eliminates the Social Security tax, after many Democrats campaigned on the full exemption of the tax.

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