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Trump takes lopsided victory in Iowa caucuses

Former President Donald Trump won a dominating victory among Republican candidates for president in Monday night’s Iowa caucuses.

Trump received more than half of the 110,298 votes cast with 56,260, which equates to 51% of the vote. Trump carried every county in the state except for Johnson County, where Nikki Haley appeared to edge him by a mere one vote.

Ron DeSantis got the second-highest number of votes in Monday’s caucuses at 21.2%, and Haley was third at 19.1%. Vivek Ramaswamy was a distant fourth, with 7.7% All other candidates received less than 1% of the vote. Ramaswamy afterward announced his withdrawal from the presidential race and his endorsement of Trump.

In northwest Iowa, Trump took 64% of the caucus vote in Osceola County. DeSantis had 15.9%, Haley 12.2, Ramaswamy 6.4 and Ryan Binkley 1.

In O’Brien County, Trump captured 62.9% of the vote compared to 17.4% for DeSantis, 8.8 for Haley, 7.1 for Ramaswamy and 3.6 for Binkley.

In Lyon County, Trump garnered 58.7%, DeSantis had 28.2, Haley 7.4, Ramaswamy 5.4, and Chris Christie and Binkley one vote apiece, or 0.1%.

In Sioux County, Trump got 45%, DeSantis 31.1, Haley 15.6, Ramaswamy 6.2, Binkley 1.3 and Asa Hutchinson 0.7.


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