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Truck convoy passes through area on I-90

Several dozen semi trucks passed Worthington along Interstate 90 late Friday morning as a trucker convoy moved through the region on its to Washington D.C. from Washington state.

The Freedom Convoy made a stop Thursday night, in Sioux Falls, S.D, where a rally was organized a rally in support of the truckers driving for "freedom." Individuals lined up Thursday afternoon and Friday morning outside the Love's Travel Stop in northern Sioux Falls near Cliff Avenue and Interstate 90.

In Worthington, the procession of semi trucks began at 11:32 a.m. Friday and continued for about four and a half minutes. A handful of individuals showed up in support.

Similar convoys have been reported around the country traveling to the nation's capital in protest of government mandates, specifically those pertaining to COVID-19. Some have included hundreds of trucks causing congestion on the interstates and cities where they stop.

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