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Travelers near Madelia to see traffic changes

Motorists traveling Minnesota 15/Minnesota 60 near Madelia should expect changes to traffic starting Friday, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The following traffic changes will occur:

* The westbound Minnesota 60/southbound Minnesota 15 CSAH 9 ramps will close

* The CSAH 3 westbound Minnesota 60/southbound Minnesota 15 entrance ramp will open

* The westbound Minnesota 60 exit ramp at the north interchange of Highway 15/60 will open for westbound Minnesota 60 traffic wanting to access Madelia or Minnesota 15 north

* The detour route for southbound Minnesota 15 traffic will change from CSAH 9 to CSAH 3

Traffic is expected to remain impacted with a combination of detours and two-way traffic in the eastbound lanes until mid-October, weather permitting.

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