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Thursday brings more severe weather to region

Updated: May 14, 2022

A second consecutive night of stormy weather blew through the region Thursday night, downing trees and power lines in some places and bringing uniquely ominous skies across the area as a result of what’s known as a derecho.

Tornado sirens went off in Worthington at about 5:35 p.m. Thursday as a storm system packing high winds -- and a giant cloud resembling something that could have been spotted during the Dust Bowl era – began to sweep into town. At its peak, the system was moving at a rate of 90 mph.

The Nobles County community of Ellsworth lost power as a result of the storm, as Sioux Valley Energy reported thousands of power outages across South Dakota and Minnesota. The community of Adrian running off the town generator Thursday night and asking people to limit power usage and conserve as much energy as possible.

The region’s strongest winds gusts were measured to the west, according to the National Weather Service. The community of Tripp, S.D. recorded a 107-mph gust. Winds of 79 mph were reported near Brookings, South Dakota; there was a gust of 78 mph reported three miles south of Sioux Falls.

Thursday’s severe weather came one day after damaging storms caused widespread damage in the region Wednesday night. The Nobles County Board of Commissioners scheduled an emergency Monday morning to declare a state of emergency for conditions resulting from the straight-line winds severe thunderstorm event that began Wednesday.

Check out the Media Works Facebook page for a video from Thursday's weather.

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