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SWIF lists 'Growing Local: Emerging Leaders' participants

Southwest Initiative Foundation has announced the participants who will make up this year’s Growing Local: Emerging Leaders cohort, representing 10 different communities across southwest Minnesota.

Growing Local: Emerging Leaders is designed to help up-and-coming leaders discover and build on their unique strengths so they can make a difference through local boards, commissions and elected positions. It’s facilitated by SWIF in partnership with University of Minnesota Extension.

This year’s participants are: Abebe Abetew, Worthington; Marlen Balster, Adrian; Elizabeth Briones Flores, Worthington; Alma Contreras, Murdock; Savina Gerren, Windom; Darren Lind, Woodstock; Chukuma Ijioma, Litchfield; Abigail Navarro, Hutchinson; Jose Ivan Parga, Worthington; Samantha Prechel, Sanborn; Michael Peters, Tyler; Jaime Salinas, Worthington; Mary Anne Wangen, Hutchinson; and Julia Wright, Fulda.

Growing Local: Emerging Leaders is geared toward people who are interested in being more involved in formal leadership roles in their community. From April through November, participants will meet monthly to learn about board and commission structures, get tools and resources to navigate the leadership journey and connect with a supportive network of emerging leaders and mentors. The sessions take place in communities across the region.

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