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Sunday fire results in costly damages; no one hurt

It's estimated that a Sunday afternoon fire in rural Adrian caused millions of dollars in damage.

Adrian Fire Department Chief Brett Jackson said Tuesday morning that Sunday's fire at the Chad Hokeness farm resulted in the loss of two machine shops and as well as an office building on the site. He said at least 13 fire departments from the region responded to the blaze.

Jackson said the Adrian Fire Department was dispatched at 3:23 p.m. Sunday to 23405 Edwards Ave. and, upon its arrival, other area departments were paged almost immediately. The first building was already fully engulfed upon the AFD's arrival, Jackson added, and other fire crews soon began showing up with additional water.

Jackson noted that water supply was "a big issue" while battling the fire. He said there were occasions when firefighters were out of water and had to wait for tankers filled with more. Luinenburg Waste Management delivered two manure tankers filled with water, he added. While he didn't know the total amount of water used to fight the fire, he said 77,000 gallons came from Adrian.

Fortunately for firefighters, Jackson said Sunday's wind conditions were "pretty favorable" and that there was no real concern of the fire spreading. There were no injuries, he added.

It's believed that Sunday's fire originated from an old vehicle parked near one of the machine shops. Jackson said Tuesday that the cause of the fire remained under investigation.

Fire departments assisting at the scene were Bigelow, Brewster, Chandler, Edgerton, Ellsworth, Fulda, Lake Wilson, Lismore, Luverne, Round Lake, Wilmont and Worthington, which brought its aerial truck. Jackson expressed gratitude to all who showed up and helped combat the fire.

The scene was cleared shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday, Jackson said.

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