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Suit against city of Estherville, officers is dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Estherville, Iowa, along with its police chief, Brent Shatto, and a former police officer, Ben Scheevel.

The suit was brought in April 2021 by Victoria Abrahamson, alleging claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil extortion, and negligent supervision and regulation.

A press release from the city of Estherville states that Chief Judge Leonard T. Strand determined that “no reasonable jury could find she (Abrahamson) suffered severe or extreme emotional distress, let alone that Sheevel or Shatto caused such an injury.”

According to the release, Strand also notes that “there is no proof that Ms. Abrahamson was treated differently or that the city had a policy to violate an individual’s right to privacy, and the city could not be held liable for negligent supervision because the plaintiff had not demonstrated a tort or other wrongful act that resulted in damage.”

Shatto said until now, he couldn’t comment on the suit on the advice of attorneys. He says that was difficult to do because the allegations, which have now been dismissed, were calling his integrity and professionalism into question.

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