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Storms make noise in area throughout weekend

Severe weather passed through the region for three consecutive days over Memorial Day weekend, and power was still out in part of Nobles County following a powerful storm very early Monday morning.

Nobles Cooperative Electric reported early Monday evening that efforts to restore outages were continuing, but it was doubtful that the southwest one-third of the community of Ellsworth would have power back Monday night due to extensive dame. On Monday afternoon, NCE also asked its customers in the Adrian and Ellsworth area to assist with energy conservation while transmission poles were being repaired. More than 20 transmission lines were lost on the line that feeds Ellsworth, NCE reported.

Meanwhile, the city of Rushmore was barricaded to visitors Sunday while cleanup took placed. Numerous trees and power lines were reported down in that community, including multiple reports of trees falling on top of roofs. The National Weather Service reported that winds in excess of 100 mph blew through Nobles County, and tornado sirens sounded in Worthington shortly after 2:30 a.m. Monday.

There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the early Monday storm. A storm that hit the region shortly before sunrise Sunday morning delivered hail ranging from pea size to quarter size. Monday afternoon brought more heavy rain and high winds.

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