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Spring Clean Up starts Monday in Worthington

The city of Worthington's annual Spring Clean Up event is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 6.

The city is again providing Worthington residential utility customers with the opportunity to dispose of items not normally picked up as part of the weekly garbage or recycling collection day. Items may be placed on the curb beginning Wednesday. 

Tags will be required, and a fee must be paid prior to collection for selected items. The tag must be attached to the item, or it will not be collected. Tags may be purchased through Friday during normal business hours at City Hall, the Worthington Public Utilities office or Schaap Sanitation. New tags will not be sold after pickup begins. The tags are non-refundable, and unused tags may be used for future cleanup.

The cleanup will include items such as lumber, doors, windows and metal/iron at no charge, but will be limited to a quantity that would fit in a regular pick-up box – two feet high, four feet wide and eight feet long. Items must be placed in separate piles, and people must put loose items in a garbage bag or have them tied in a bundle to prevent the materials from littering the community.

More information about Worthington's Spring Cleanup event can be found at the city's web page. People may also call the city at (507) 666-5010 or Schaap Sanitation at (507) 376-9218 for more information.

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