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Sioux Center, Hull connect to Lewis & Clark water system

National, state and local officials came together Tuesday to celebrate Sioux Center and Hull’s connection to the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, an accomplishment more than 30 years in the making.

Lewis & Clark water is drawn from an aquifer adjacent to the Missouri River and treated near Vermillion, S.D., traveling 83 miles from the source to Sioux Center. Sioux Center Municipal Utilities blends this high-quality water with supply from local aquifers to deliver to customers, providing for Sioux Center Municipal Utilities customers’ water needs today and for future growth.

Sioux Center and Hull are the 16th and 17th of Lewis & Clark’s 20 member communities and water systems to receive water. The Lewis & Clark meter building in Sioux Center was dedicated in honor of Murray Hulstein, Sioux Center Utilities Manager and Chairman of the Lewis & Clark board.

Said Scott Hain of Worthington, Lewis & Clark Vice Chairman: “Over the past 30-plus years, Murray has poured his heart and soul into turning the dream of Lewis & Clark into a reality, not only to benefit his community, but to benefit the entire tri-state region. When the history of Lewis & Clark is written and future generations talk about the giants on whose shoulders we stand, there is no doubt Murray is one of those giants.”

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