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Sanford Health honored for corporate innovation

Fortune has named Sanford Health one of America’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023. The list honors 300 companies who do business in the United States and “transform industries inside and out.”

Sanford Health ranks in the top 200 and is the only South Dakota or North Dakota-based company recognized on the list, which includes businesses from a multitude of sectors across the United States. Other health care companies named to the list include Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, UnitedHealth Group, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

In fall 2021, Sanford Health announced a $350 million virtual care initiative. As part of the initiative, Sanford Health will focus on expanding access, improving the patient experience, advancing innovation through new research, attracting and training a new generation of clinicians and sharing learning opportunities through an education institute.

Sanford Health has already provided more than 650,000 virtual consults with patients over the last decade – amounting to roughly 25 million miles saved by patients who did not have to travel great distances on country roads or through harsh winter weather to get world-class care.

Sanford Health also has several innovative nursing initiatives intended to empower nurses to do their most fulfilling work including using predictive analytics to manage clinical staffing, leveraging technology to support patients at the bedside and automating workflows to build a more resilient workforce and improve patient care.

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