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Requests regarding Bioscience Drive property on Monday's city council agenda

Three related economic development matters are among the items on the agenda for Monday’s Worthington City Council meeting.

The city of Worthington has requested a change of zone for property located north of Bioscience Drive and east of North Humiston Avenue from its current Transition Zone District to “PUD 7” – Planned Unit Development #7. The change would bring the property currently located at approximately 1525 Bioscience Drive under one common zoning district,

The city has also submitted a request for a preliminary plat of a subdivision of a portion of that property that would create three lots, one of which contains an existing office building, one with an existing pharmacy distribution center and one empty lot. PUD 7 splits Bioscience Park into three different zones – A, B and C – and the property to be considered in this action is located mostly in Zone C with the western=most portion in Zone B. The only differences between the two are permitted uses and minimum green space.

Also to be considered is a request submitted by the city in conjunction with Prairie Holdings Group regarding the final plat for the Worthington Bio Science Industrial Park Second Addition. The only change between the preliminary and final plats is a small increase in the lot three frontage and a subsequent slight decrease in the lot two frontage. Consideration is contingent on approval of the preliminary play request on Monday night.

Among other items on Monday’s council agenda, the placement of a stop sign at the intersection of the new Cecilee Street extension and Grand Avenue will be considered. Bolton and Menk, the city’s engineers on the Cecilee Street extension project, have planned for the sign,

Additionally, the council will consider a grant agreement with the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division pertaining to the city’s airport maintenance and operation costs,

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