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Nobles County has two public hearings on Wednesday

The Nobles County Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Nobles County Board of Commissioners will each host public hearings Wednesday regarding planned expansion at Ocheda Dairy.

The county’s zoning board will host its public hearing at 6 p.m. to consider a request from Ocheda Dairy to vary from the required 300-foot setback from the center line of a county road for a 40 feet by 210 feet addition to an existing free stall barn, a 400 feet by 130 feet new parlor, and 400 feet by 320 feet new free stall barn. The county board will then have its hearing at 7 p.m. to consider a conditional use permit for a 60 feet by 588 feet expansion of an existing dairy barn, the aforementioned new parlor and free stall barn as well as the free stall barn addition, and a 50 feet by 90 feet parlor addition.

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