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Nobles County active COVID cases rise to 50

Nobles County Emergency Management released a new COVID update on Thursday reporting that the county’s active infection count had jumped from Monday’s total of 28 to 50.

The total number of COVID-19 infections within Nobles County is now at 4,177, up from 4,147 earlier in the week. A total of 4,077 cases are past the 10-day isolation period, and an additional eight more cases were to be out of isolation as of Friday. There have been 50 reported deaths in the county as a result of COVID-19.

The highest increase of current COVID cases are among individuals ages 16-19 (up five) and ages 26-50 (up 10). Other case counts by age range, along with the change from the previous report, are: birth-10, eight (up one); 11-15, two (up one); 20-25, four (up three); 51-64, four (up two) and aged 65 and older, two (up one).

Nobles County Emergency Management Director Tawn Hall noted in a press release that the Minnesota Department of Health has stopped reporting COVID numbers over the weekends, and there also appears to be some delays in the system. As a result, the county will now be sending out its updated COVID report on Thursdays instead of Mondays.

Area private-vaccine providers in Nobles County are (in alphabetical order): Access Family Medical Clinic/Avera Medical Group (Worthington), Hy-Vee Pharmacy (Worthington), Sanford Health (Worthington), Sterling Drug (Worthington), and Walgreens (Worthington).

Contact Nobles County (Public Health) at 295-5213 if someone is interested in receiving a vaccine and/or they have questions regarding receiving a vaccine.

Stay informed of vaccination processes by visiting the Minnesota Department of Health Vaccination webpage. A tool to assist with vaccine questions is the Vaccine Connector. Vaccination updates, specific to Nobles County, will also be shared when available on the Community Services Facebook page and the Nobles County homepage.

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