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Nobles Cooperative Electric awards Operation Round Up funds

Nobles Cooperative Electric’s Operation Round Up announces the distribution of $21,924 into local communities.

Members who participate in Operation Round Up allow the cooperative to round up their monthly electric bill to the next dollar. This small change is pooled into large amounts that a volunteer trust board oversees. Every penny goes to those in need.

The latest round of donations includes:

* Chandler Quilters, $300 for volunteers to make quilts that can be used for homeless people, halfway houses and places in Marshall, Sioux Falls and Flandreau, S.D.

* First Lutheran, $300 to help purchase material and fillers to make and donate quilts.

* Lake Sarah Quilters of Garvin, $300 to provide prayer quilts to anyone/everyone that could use them for comfort whether physical or mental.

* Sillerud Quilters and Friends, $300 to provide warm, comfort and a sense of God's love to people in need through purchase of batting and other supplies not donated.

* Nobles County Historical Society, $580 for six foldable tables and a folding table dolly to transport them.

* Slayton Area Chamber of Commerce, $740 to create a lighted Christmas display in Slayton's Gullord Park.

* Cultural Awareness Organization/International Festival, $750 to assist with the children's activities portion of the festival.

* SWWC, $950 to support regional student enrichment opportunities.

* Brewster Senior Dining, $1,000 for hot meals to be delivered to Brewster diners and the homebound.

* Ecumen Meadows, $1,020 to assist with funding the ArtMobile.

* United Way, $1,220 to pay for the printing and mailing of books sent directly to children in their homes.

* Murray County Central First Grade Classrooms, $1,340 for the cost of three sets of decodable phonics readers.

* Currie Fire Department, $1,500 to help furnish bathroom/kitchen equipment and shelving for new fire hall.

* Wilmont Fire/Rescue, $1,824 to purchase three fire/rescue pagers.

* Leota First Responders, $2,000 to provide emergency medical aid to people when requested.

* Murray County Early Childhood Initiative, $2,300 to help fund the Early Childhood Family Education on wheel program.

* Ellsworth Public Schools, $2,400 to modify their weight room to section off an area for a sensory room.

* Slayton Fire Department, $3,000 to outfit its Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus masks with voice amplifiers.

The following students also received $650 scholarships: Riley Boese, Tracy; Miranda Hoekman, Slayton; Nash Peltola, Currie; Triston Hieronimus and Emmalee Bosma, Rushmore; Adrian Schwaller, Reading; Claire Reith, Fulda; and Joseph Thompson, Avoca.

The Trust Board has set Sept. 1 as the deadline for the next round of funding.

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