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Man drowns Saturday at West Lake Okoboji

A Cedar Rapids man drowned Saturday afternoon in Millers Bay at West Lake Okoboji, according to a Arnold’s Park/Okoboji Dive Team press release.

Alexander Glover, 21, who was in the Lakes area on vacation, had jumped off the boat to swim, according to the release. The boat started to drift away from him, and Glover attempted to swim back to the boat before becoming fatigued and slipping under the surface of the water. Family members attempted to throw him a rope, but he was unable to get to it.

Charles Anderegg, a kayaker in the area, was able to dive down from his kayak and get Glover to the surface. Family members immediately started resuscitation efforts by providing CPR. The Arnolds Park/Okoboji Fire and Rescue Team arrived in the lakes area fire boat and transported the victim to shore.

Members of the Arnolds Park/Okoboji Rescue, Milford Rescue, and Lakes Regional Healthcare continued resuscitation efforts and transferred him to Lakes Regional Healthcare Emergency Room, where efforts to resuscitate him were ultimately unsuccessful.

Among those assisting with the call were the Dickinson County Sherriff’s Office and Communication Center, Arnolds Park/Okoboji Fire and Rescue and Dive Team, Milford Fire and Rescue, and Iowa DNR Lake Patrol.

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