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Law enforcement investigating Saturday night shooting in Hills

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office investigated a shooting incident late Saturday in Hills.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, a report was received at approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday of possible shots fired at a Hills residence and possible injuries. The sheriffs office responded along with the Hills Fire Department and Rock County Ambulance.

Upon arrival, it was determined that a Savannah Johnson, 18, of Paullina, Iowa had been shot in the leg. Medical personnel tended to her non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses indicated that a birthday party was taking place at the scene of the incident. Later in the evening, three male individuals, would enter the residence. Descriptions were given as two of them being about 6 ft. in height, one African American and one Asian, and both wearing their hair in dreadlocks or braids. No description was given for the third male.

The owner of the residence advised the unknown males to leave, and they did so. It was determined later that the unknown males were invited by two females that were attending the party. The owner of the residence had not wanted them there and asked them to leave.

While the unknown males exited the residence, the owner of the residence as well as other partygoers also exited the residence and were standing on the front lawn. At this time, approximately six gunshots were fired toward the residence from the vehicle the unknown males had just entered. Witnesses indicated that there was a fourth person in the vehicle as well.

The vehicle in question -- a Dodge Dart, black or charcoal in color -- left the scene.

Law enforcement believes this to be an isolated incident, and the public is not in danger. The case is still under investigation with assistance from the Sioux Falls Police Department. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Rock County Sheriff's Office at (507) 283-5000.

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