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L&C Water System reimburses State of South Dakota

Lewis and Clark Regional Water System Executive Director Troy Larson on Thursday hand-delivered a $1 million check to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem at the State Capitol.

The money reimbursed the State of South Dakota’s General Fund for a “federal funding advance” the Legislature approved during the 2014 session. Federal funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was used to make the repayment.

Said Larson in a press release: “The $1 million played a very important role in jump starting the development of the ‘wheeling plan’ for Madison. This funding was used to design and acquire easements for two separate five-mile segments of 16-inch diameter PVC pipeline. The first five-mile segment started at Crooks and headed north, and the second five-mile segment started at Madison and headed east and south.

“In cooperation with Minnehaha Community Water Corp and the Big Sioux Community Water System, using this 10 miles of pipeline and Lewis & Clark’s meter buildings at Crooks and Madison, Madison has been able to access up to one million gallons of water per day since May 2017. The wheeling plan will continue to be used until Madison is connected to Lewis & Clark in 2024.”

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