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King Turkey Day buttons now on sale

This year’s King Turkey Day buttons are now available for purchase.

The 2022 buttons commemorate the 50th anniversary of turkey racing between birds from Worthington and Cuero, Texas. The annual Great Gobbler Gallop pits Paycheck of Worthington against Ruby Begonia of Cuero.

The 2022 King Turkey Day button employs Cuero’s design for this year’s Turkeyfest celebration. There are a couple of variations – Worthington’s buttons are red with gold lettering as opposed to Cuero’s black with gold lettering, and each festival has its respective logo at the top.

In addition to marking 50 years of turkey racing, King Turkey Day is also celebrating Worthington High School Trojan pride with its use of the colors black and red. Black T-shirts and red buttons feature the WHS Trojan colors, which is appropriate in that the Spirit of Worthington Trojan Marching Band will march in the Cuero Turkeyfest parade in October.

Buttons are $5, and people are encouraged to buy them early. They come with 24 tear-away coupons and are available for purchase at the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and The Stag – home of Paycheck’s Treasure Chest – as well as at many of the participating sponsor businesses on the coupon sheet.

Additionally, admission to the annual King Turkey Day mixer and meal is free when people wear their button to the event, which will take place this year in the new pavilion downtown. This year’s festival is set for Sept. 16 and 17.

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